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Welcome to the ABC Birthday List!

We love parties! And anytime someone has a birthday, we should all join in and wish him a happy birthday. (Note the use of the gender-neutral pronoun "him.") Here's the list of those that actually admitted to when their birthdays were. (And we use a lovely Perry Winkle background.)




January 2

Potemkyn (Mike C.)

January 2, 1965

A Mommy Moose (Lise)

January 5


February 28

Phillip B

March 26, 1959

Andy T (Magnum Pi)

March 31

mbi2000 (Steve B)

April 15


April 19

Tom Bombadil (Ray)

April 24

Ambrosiaster (John P)

May 2 - Feast day of Athanasius

Ole Rocker (Steve Price)

May 3, 1951


May 17

Craigellachie (Eleanor)

May 28

Idelette (Mary)

June 2, 1955

Zerubbabel (Dave H)

June 8

Dennis the Poet / The Iron Hare

June 14, 1968

A Forumite Wishing to Remain Anonymous

June 15


June 16

Laughing Linden Branch (Isaac)

June 17, 1976

The Clinging Vine (Anne)

June 18


June 21

Presby2 (Cindy)

June 26

Whitway (Wayne Whitmer)

June 28

Vogon Poet (Keith Mathison)

July 6

Big Jake

July 10

GeorgianLady (Sue)

July 18

Drumclog (Mac)

July 28

Perisseuo (John Chaney)

August 6

Moosebugs (Byron)

August 28, 1963

Kyriosity (Valerie)

August 29, 1967


August 29

On the Road to Emmaus (Hal)

August 30, 1958


September 13 (But you have to post the message on September 12, since she's in Australia.)

Laurie T

September 27

The Gnu (John H)

October 12

Goldberry of Withywindle (Jane)

October 20

Andy VA

October 30, 1962

Jennifer French

November 12

Kootenay Badger (Will G)

November 13

Constance01 (Kelly C.)

November 25

MrsBrane (Jane M.)

December 10

LeahsHeart (Alicia)

December 18, 1968

bunsofaluminum (Heidi)

December 25, 1960

Eustace Scrubb

December 31, 1962

If you would like your birthday added, just drop a line to Moosebugs (click here), and I'll add it as soon as I can.

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Last Updated on 7/23/2004