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Micro-Conference Photo Index

Ligonier Micro-Conference, 2001 - On December 31, 2001, Ambrosiaster, The Gnu, and Moosebugs met in Ligonier, PA for an afternoon of good food and conversation. Here's the photographic proof.

Morgantown Micro-Conference, 2002 - On May 24, 2002, Moosebugs and Kylie met in Morgantown, WV for the first official trans-pacific, trans-hemispheric meeting of two forumites from A Better Country. Here's a couple pictures.

Georgetown, KY Micro-Conference, 2002 - On June 8 and 9, Scarecrow and Quantym (Barb and Clifford) and Jennifer F and her family traveled to Georgetown, KY for bluegrass and Pastor Jack's (KindredSpirit) church. Here's some pictures (but none of Barb and Clifford!).

Seattle Surprise Micro-Conference, 2002 - On June 23, Quantym (Clifford) appeared at LeahsHeart's (Alicia's) church. He sure does travel widely! Here's a couple pictures of LH, Quantym, and one of LH's boys.

Ligonier Micro-Conference, 2002 (Part Deux) - On July 6, Ambrosiaster, The Gnu, and Moosebugs met once again in Ligonier for a good morning of coffee and fellowship. See if you can spot the difference between these pictures and the first Ligonier Micro-Conference Pictures.

Ligonier Micro-Conference, 2002 (Three-peat) - On July 20, Ambrosiaster, The Gnu, and Moosebugs met yet again in Ligonier for food, conversation, and fellowship. Since we see each other so often, we only took one picture.

Seattle Micro-Conference II, 2002 - The weekend of September 7, Perisseuo (John C.) spent a few days in the Seattle area visiting friends and also managed to meet up with Alicia and the boys. Here's some pictures.

Erie Micro-Conference, 2002 - On September 14, the Bombadils and Moosebugs' gathered in Erie for food and fun. Here's some pictures from the park.

Seattle Micro-Conference III, 2003 - In August, Gilda and Eleanor visited Alicia.

Erie Micro-Conference 2, 2004 - At the end of June, the Moose family travelled north to visit the Bombadils once more.

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