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Popular Christian Pickup Lines

In the fall of 2001, the Village had a "contest" for people for submit potentially useful "Christian Pickup Lines." I collected them, but without attribution. Here they are - now when you're ready to begin courting, you can pull out one of these and see how it works. -- Moosebugs

  • "Hey, baby, anybody ever tell you that you look like Amy Grant?"

  • I'm Postmillenial. What's your eschatology?

  • Do you fellowship here often?

  • Can I buy you a tape of the morning service?

  • I know a great singles ministry meeting on the other side of town. Wanna go?

  • I like your Bible cover!

  • You wanna come over to my place and see my Thomas Kincaid collection?

  • ...but you seem *different*, more in tune with the Holy Spirit.

  • Pardon me for saying so, but a woman dressing modestly really turns me on!

  • The Lord told me you were supposed to, go out with? me.

  • I speak romantic attraction to me over you sister! I CLAIM it in the name of Jesus! AMEEEEEEEEEEEN! Shondulaaaaaaaaaaah!!! HalleLUUUUUUUUjah!!!!

  • Let me get the offering for you

  • How about you and me going on a short term mission trip to Honolulu.

  • The Pastor told me to ask you out.

  • Let's go to the Catholic church tonight where we can watch the stained glass windows.

  • Ahem, are you raising your hand to get my attention. (works well in Pentecostal services)

  • "The Lord told me I'm supposed to marry you" almost immediately upon meeting.

  • "My mother always told me I'd meet the best girls/guys at church."

  • "I thought yours was the best casserole by far."

  • "I just know we were predestined for each other."

  • "Mind if I share the hymnal with you?"

  • "I can see why Jacob was willing to work 7 years for Rachel."

  • "I couldn't help noticing your lovely WWJD bracelet."

  • "I couldn't help noticing your bumper sticker."

  • I know RC Sproul personally!

  • If Solomon had you for a wife he'd have written his Song with you in mind and ditched the rest of his wives!

  • Wow, big fella, now I know what Samson looked like!

  • Good thing you're a Christian cuz you could lure me into a cult any day!

  • Whoever marries you will know Proverbs 31 better than anyone!

  • The Lord has reserved you for someone who will appreciate what a beautiful, godly, vivacious, spiritual, exemplary [etc etc etc] woman you are!

  • This is the invitation. Come just as you are!

  • How may I humbly serve you sister?

  • I'll save a seat for you next Sunday.

  • I love the way you pass the offering plate.

  • Maybe this is the communion wine talking but...I love you.

  • You'd be a perfect pastor's wife!

  • You're such a good teacher I'll make sure to come to Sunday school every week...early.

  • The way you do nursery you have just GOT to get married and have kids some day.

  • Would you like to share my bread?

  • Listen to this music often?

  • May I borrow your pen?

  • Yes truly, you can trust me. I am now reformed.

  • Is it just me, or have I been raptured?

  • Presbyterian - 'Hey, I saved some seats on the back pew.'

  • Orthodox Presbyterian - 'Funny, meeting here every Sunday, isn't it supra.'

  • Campus Crusade for Christ - 'Wow, I got a wonderful plan for you this evening.'

  • Altar call trip - 'It's my lucky day, getting saved and meeting you at the same time.' or

  • 'Do you come down here often.'

  • Basic Christianity - 'Come on over to my house and we can compare our Bible study notes'

  • 'Let's go to Baskin-Robbins. I have something to share with you'

  • Is it the rapture or is it you?

  • You've heard of the four spiritual laws. Want to come to my place for a fifth?

  • You make me feel like a supernatural woman.

  • If you have the gift of knowledge, what does our future look like?

  • Maybe we can all be ready together.

  • You know, I am so into Dusty Rose Bible jackets.

  • Ever wonder what it would be like to not date in mass groups?

  • Have you ever wanted to just pick up and hug Jr. Asparagus in your arms? Me, too!

  • Hey baby, my epistimological self-consciousness and presupppositionally Christocentric worldview have led me to logically conclude that you are the babe God has predestined for me.

  • Baby, you've got "meek and quiet spirit" written all over you!

  • If I knew Christian girls were like you I'd have walked the aisle years ago!

  • You wanna go witnessing?

  • Why does the term "help meet" keep coming to mind when I see you?

  • Trust me. I'm a Promise Keeper.

  • You remind me of Shirley Dobson.

  • Now I know how Adam felt when he first saw Eve!

  • You would have made Solomon monogamous.

  • Wow, I bet any unsaved friends of yours don't stay unsaved long!

  • If Esther had you for competition there'd be a book of the Bible named after you!

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