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This page has links to things that are related to the forum A Better Country. There's links to photos and the Birthday List and some items that just had to be preserved.

A Better Country - This is where all the settlers live. In this country, you will find the Village, the Theological Mechanics Institute, a Reading Room, and a place for Prayer.

The Iguana Song - If you still haven't read or heard this, click here to find a very interesting song about what somebody wants for Christmas.

Micro-Conference Photo Index - Occasionally, villagers set up meetings in real life (IRL). Sometimes we take pictures! Here's a collection of photos from several "micro conferences". Latest Update: 9/19/2004

ABC Photo Links - Occasionally, someone will post a link to pictures. Rather than allowing those links to get lost deep in threads, they can be gathered here.

ABC Birthday List - We love parties! And anytime someone has a birthday, we should all join in and wish him a happy birthday. (Note the use of the gender-neutral pronoun "him.") Here's the list of those that actually admitted to when their birthdays were. (And we use a lovely Perry Winkle background.)

Origins of Christmas - Notes from a December 1998 seminar by Dr. Jack Kinneer discussing the origins of Christmas - when and why it was instituted, and Christmas as a religious / liturgical event.

Popular Christian Pickup Lines - In the fall of 2001, the Village had a "contest" for people for submit potentially useful "Christian Pickup Lines."

Instant Term Paper - The Gnu has prepared an easy-to-use template for creating a term paper for students at conservative Reformed seminaries.

Size of Keith's Books - Well, the graphic was here, so I decided to put a link to it. This is a graph of the expected size of Keith M's future books, based on the size of his first three releases.

Origins of Bagpipes - The subject of the origins of that instrument known as the pipes comes up not infrequently at the Village. This is one of the pieces of "village knowledge" that has followed people here from the RYM forums. Here, preserved, is the original thread wherein a certain Famous Author discourses on the genesis of a most interesting instrument. (For an opposing viewpoint, listen to this: click here)

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